Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleekit Goes Avant Garde - Part 3

I'm having so much fun this week experimenting with my wardrobe. This look sits well with me, vibrant colour and beautiful fabrics. I found this skirt at the back of the wardrobe, it got lost in-between pregnancy and a few dress sizes. The jacket is made from vintage kimono fabric.

The second outfit features a Kate Sylvester dress I picked up for $20 in a bargain bin, teamed with stockings and metallic accessories, a cute little outfit for a sunny Melbourne day.

Outfit 1

Jacket: Eimai
Skirt: Oasis
Sash worn as belt: Mimco
Shoes: Nine West 

Outfit 2

Dress: Kate Sylvester

Stockings: Myer
Thongs: Holsten
Bag: French Connection
Earrings: Gift
Bangle: Kinki Gerlinki

While listening to: 
The Noise Made by People

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sleekit Goes Avant Garde - Part 2

Maharishi is one of my favorite brands. Their clothes are all about detail, craft and originality. I found these snow pants on sale at Cactus Jam for $150, normally they retail for $800. The dragon detail on these is exquisite and I love the heart on the front panel. Normally I wear these long but they can also adapt to varying lengths.

Top: P.A.M
Pants: Maharishi
Shoes: Novo
Bag: French Connection
Bangle: Kinki Gerlinki


Pondering, what shall I wear next?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sleekit Goes Avant Garde - Part 1

This week I have set myself a challenge to go a bit more 'Avant Garde' with my outfits, mix it up a bit, break some rules. This first outfit is a combination of colours and prints. My beloved bought me a tripod so I am looking forward to bringing you a better quality picture (up until now, have been balancing my camera on any given surface). This jacket is from Modzart, I bought it 15 years ago, what better way to re-invent a look than to delve into the archives and rediscover a fabulous piece. Would love to know what you think, you can leave a comment below...

Jacket: Modzart
Boots: Excentrix
Dress: Country Road
Necklace: Shop in Echuca
Bag: French Connection

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleekit Goes Shopping

You may or may not know I have taken on a challenge this week to create a more 'Avant Garde' wardrobe. Inspired by a recent post of a fellow blogger Fashion Hayley, I endeavor to give you some looks you have never seen before on Sleekit, more daring, bit left of centre and try to break some rules. 
Accessories are the key to updating any look so I took advantage of the tail end of the sales and got myself a worthy haul. 
Tune in through the week to see how I go.

French Connection


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sleekit Presents - Something for the weekend

New Arrival
Truffle Tree, Elwood

40th Birthday for a lady who has her fair share of designer handbags
Bella Inspirations, Elwood


I haven't posted Sleekit presents for a while, been way too busy indulging in myself. Living in Elwood I am lucky enough to have many great little fabulous shops on my doorstep. Truffle Tree stocks many local and international labels for children's wear, bit pricey but look out for their sales, I normally stalk what I want and then wait for the sale. Bella Inspirations stocks a plethora of gifts; accessories, perfumes, candles and the Bag Butler (cool device that takes the weight of your bag while you dine to avoid having to put on the restaurant grubby floor), these have been around for a while but the people I have bought them for love them.
The last pic is a sneak peek at what's to come next week on Sleekit, I'm vamping up my wardrobe in the name of Avant Garde.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Inspirational Alexander McQueen


I am a hoarder, especially with clothes, in pains me to throw anything out. As mentioned in a previous post I indulged in a few designer labels in my 20s. These trousers from Modzart set me back 120 pounds a pop 15 years ago, they are my history and I will never part from them. I had a Oprah moment when I managed to fit into these babies, very liberating. The Prada shoes also bought many years ago, classic and still in fantastic condition. Fashion goes in swings and roundabouts and animal prints are making a resurgence due to the brilliance of designers such as Alexander McQueen, his SS/10 collection,  will go down in history as one of the most liberating, bountiful, inspirational, whimsical collections the world has ever seen.
This post has been inspired by the late Alexander McQueen and I leave you with the words from another artistic genius 'We take our happy moments to the grave, but art lives on' Len Lye

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tight tastic - Sleekit something for the weekend

Don't you just love when you spy something online and then before you know it, it's in your hot little hands. I posted these Les Queues de Sardines tights on my facebook fan page last week and tracked them down to a supplier in Sydney (details to the right of this post). I absolutely love these works of art and hope you do too.

Dress: John Richmond 
Shoes: Wittner

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I miss you Dad

Today is my dad's Anniversary, he died six years ago after a battle with Cancer. I miss him so much, my dad was a great man, a man for all seasons people would say, he was a quiet man, he took life in his stride, he loved his family. He was a very smart gent and always wore a shirt and tie, immaculate my mum would say, maybe that is why I can't leave the house without some lippy and take time to work my outfits. I think he looks like Buddy Holly here and my mum, well she just looks like me. He was a great singer and used to sing with his pals shown here, they would harmonize songs at parties and I loved to listen from behind the door when I should have been in bed. So have a wee dram on me, I am thinking of you today and everyday. xx  

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy in your own skin

In my short life I have ranged from a size 8-14, it's taken me a while to be comfortable in my own skin. The media and fantasy world of celebrity have created a monster and an influx of woman who constantly fight a battle with themselves and one another over weight issues. In the 50's woman looked more womanly I think, curves and realistic body frames, today we are plagued with size zero and models who look thin enough that they may split in two if pushed over. My gene's tell me that I will never be Kate Moss and I am absolutely fine with that, I'm happy with my body but I still need to exercise and eat healthy to achieve it. I am currently reading the autobiography of Dawn French, called 'Dear Fatty', she talks about her weight and how she just loves herself for whom she is, all inspiring and well she is just such a funny lady, her weight is part of her persona. So that said, I would like to celebrate what I do have, in this gorgeous 50's style swim suit given to me by my best mate Fi. Ladies be kind to yourself and remember beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Hat: Mimco
Glasses: Op Shop
Swim suit: Gift from Fi
Shoes: Nine West
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