Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alexander McQueen before he was King

College years, my early 20s, I used to buy a lot of designer labels. God knows where I found the money to fund my little addiction. I once overheard a fellow student call me a “fashion victim”, it was evidently a derogatory label, but to me, my clothes and style were all part of make up, expressionism and creativity. The student in question used to wear all black and dragged his feet around, but of course he didn’t buy into fashion..I beg to differ. These days I am a bit more, well, cautious of how much I spend on my love for fashion, a mortgage and kid sure change your budget.

So that said, let me introduce you to my Alexander McQueen trousers. I bought these on sale many years ago, from Cruise in Glasgow. These would have probably been from some of his initial collections before he became the royalty that he is today. I absolutely love them and wanted to produce a post that was worthy of Alexander the Great. Taking inspiration from Lady Melbourne, who always has the most beautiful pictures using natural light, I chased the natural light around my home and I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with the results, hope you like them too.

Top: Prince Billy
Trousers: Alexander McQueen
Hair Clip: Swarovski
Shoes: Cotton On
Bracelet: Gift

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