Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to school

Today I went back to work after a long and very relaxing festive break. I always remember going back to school after the summer holidays when I was a nipper, decked out in new shoes and uniform and how I would try not to scrape my new shoes as I knew the next new pair would come the following year and not a moment before. I have taken this tradition into my adulthood and got myself a fresh new outfit and shoes to kick of the working new year. I am lucky to work in a creative environment so anything goes, I can't imagine going to the office in a suit, especially in this weather! This jump suit is by far the bargain of the week, $39 reduced from $169 from French Connection and the perfect look for my new fabulous booties, it's so comfy and light too. My mimco box houses all I need for a days work, my play piece, pencil, pens and hopefully I will get out to play in my play suit at lunch time.

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