Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year same me +2kg

It's 2010 and all that's changed is my waistline. My skinny black trousers don't button at the top but if you can't indulge over the festive period then when can you I say. I will not be putting myself on some crazy diet or exercise regime, will simply resort to my semi healthy eating habits and keep walking and occasional gym work outs. In the meantime I will get creative with my wardrobe and work with it. You would hardly know about my extra kg's and open top button under this top (previous post Inbetweener) which I have created a wrap using this gorgeous brooch given to me by my best friend Fi. So don't get sucked it with all those get slim quick fads and gimmicks, get creative with your wardrobe instead! 

Top: Dejuba
Trousers: Cue (samples)
Shoes: Wittner
Brooch: Present


  1. I have a pair of jeans that are "standing only"; that is, they are too tight to sit down in comfortably. I bought them that way, with the vague impression that they would stretch out. They still look great, so I always wear something long and loose over the top and no-one knows the difference if I secretly unbutton the top!

  2. thanks for your comment 'Poppy Gets a Life', come by again soon
    sleekit x


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