Monday, October 5, 2009

Sleekit Goes Shopping

Yellow bracelet, bargain $14.95

An Inbetweener, not quite a jacket, not quite a T-shirt for the unpredictable Spring Melbourne weather
Deco style Sterling Silver broach from a jewelery sale up an alley in Sorrento

These are the cutest socks I've ever seenThis weekend I headed off to Sorrento for a girls weekend and of course shopping was on the menu, followed by; cocktails, outdoor spa, dancin, white russians, sing star, food, sunny beach and breathtaking views. Yes, you could say I enjoyed myself. Sorrento has many gorgeous shops and boutiques, also a few little treasures hidden up the alley ways. The weather was perfect and I think I got a bit of summer in my step, hence the yellow theme. The little clutch at the end was a present, don't you just love when someone gets you.


  1. Luuuurve the 'inbetweener'...and those socks! So belong poking out the top of some uber cute booties.

  2. I will be working those yellow socks soon lady, stay posted for a Sleekit Road Trip


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