Friday, November 15, 2013

Pretty new top

These days I rarely go into an actually shop and buy a new item of clothing, unless it's an op shop (I really need to do a post on my recent op shop purchases, many bargains had) 1. I now have no time more than ever to shop (shopping with a new born is both challenging and non productive!) 2. The lure of online shopping is both convenient and cost effective. However, the other day I went on a wee shopping spree armed with a voucher that had been burning a hole in my pocket. I bought this pretty top from Seed, it was $110! I know, normally I could get a whole outfit for that with money to spare but it is very pretty and will go with just about anything. Sometimes it also nice to shop the old school way even if I may break the bank! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oakes Day, another Sleekit outing

 what I wore
dress: Kookai
overlay and belt: Cue
cape: Lady Petrova
bag: pressie from my besty
brooch: pressie from friends
bracelet and ring: NGV shop
glasses: Marc Jacobs (gift from Vision Direct)
hair combs: Limedrop
shoes: Nine West
 l to r: my sis Teresa, mother-in-law Janette, sister-in-law Alison and my sis Kathleen
Teresa and I got papped at the station photo curtesy of Sophie Campbell
 first outing since having Bea requires a handbag that houses a breast pump and pads, how very glam!
 fashions on the field, my pick would be the chick sitting down in the red bottom left!
 The State finalists, the girl in the Aboriginal print dress took out the main prize
we take up our usual spot outside the Birdcage and chat to all the passers by (in particular any celeb who walks by!), this guy was just fun and showed us a few of his dance moves
a little bit of persuasion and boom we are in the Birdcage!

 bumped into the fabulous Jenny Bannister and stylist Philip Boon
 we chatted with the very talented Richard Nylon who remembered us gatecrashing 2 years ago!
my sister Kathleen stealing a cigar from the legendary Jeff Banks who is always up for a chat (I love this pic, sums up the spirit of the day)

Last Thursday was Oakes Day at Flemington Racecourse. My family and I put on our glad rags for a day of champagne, fun and frolics. Each year we attend our main mission is to some how make it into The Birdcage without a ticket. This Sleekit (every wondered how I got my name?) task requires, determination, balls, no shame and endurance! Once the bubbles start to flow, the Glasgow banter kicks in and before you know it, boom, we are in, mixing with the privileged, stars of TV and the fashion glitterati.  Oh the hilarity!
Here's a few snaps from the day and who knows maybe next year we will finally get the ticket but I'm sure it wouldn't be as much fun!
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