Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yellow, J Crew and holidays

I'm taking a little vacation to sunny Queensland tomorrow, escaping the Melbourne winter! Getting in the mood for holidays with some newly purchased jewels (J Crew inspired, ie a damn good fake), purchased on ebay for $35 after discovering the necklace on Lady Melbourne's blog. At first, I thought I would wear them separately but on Sat night, I put the necklace and earrings on for a few drinks with the ladies at Ilona Staller on Carlisle St; top pic with newly purchased scarf top and big hair.
Today, I popped up to the local nail bar for a holiday pedi and manicure, so all set; all I need to do now is whittle down the shoes and other accessories I'm taking!
Until next week...
Love Sleekit x

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New scarf top

I'm fairly impulsive when I shop, if a like it, i'll buy it, within reason of course. Shopping criteria: colour, loud, under $30 = yes, you are coming home with me. I've walked by this top many times, located outside my local RedDog3, on a rail marked, 'Everything $29', should I buy it? mmm...Well, the other day I gave in and purchased. When I got home, the fit was a bit boxy so I pinned it with one of my brooches and voila, one fitted, rather loud print top.

top: RedDog3
skirt: ASOS
brooch: Top Shop
ring: Studio Leanne
shades: Free in Marie Claire
tights: Myer
shoes: thrifted

Monday, July 23, 2012

Orange, blue silk and the weekend

 This weekend, felt almost Spring like in Melbourne; so good to bask in some sunshine. My weekend was packed with activities: went for a run, took a Zumba class (my first Zumba class, I have the coordination of a wounded gazelle - the one the lion eats!) but somehow managed to get through it with my pride in tact, trip to South Melbourne market to stock up on the groceries, another run and to top it off, high tea at Koko Black with my favorite ladies (post to come on that later in the week!), phew!
This is one of my outfits from the weekend, I love these Fleur Wood silk trousers but they are dry clean only and often sit in my wardrobe crying out to be taken to the cleaners. The colour is so vibrant and I love to wear them with my orange shoes. Five minutes after these photos were taken, my little boy accidentally spilled a dollop of strawberry yogurt all over the right leg, ach well, back to the cleaners they go, but this time not for so long.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

trousers: Fleur Wood
tights: Sportsgirl
shoes: Nine West
necklace: Frankideas
stripey tee: Genki
bangles: Ecentric Trading
bling ring: Diva

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sleekit goes running

 This picture of health is my sis running the Melbourne Marathon in 3:04, incredible achievement!

I do not have the running gene, unlike my sister and brother who have completed many a marathon including Melbourne, London & New York. My sister pictured above running the Melbourne Marathon in a cool 3:04! I have tried running many times but find myself gasping for air or calapse in a heap, pink face – not pretty.
Recently, I have been using the Couch25k free iphone app, tailored for lazy folk like me who canny run. So far, so good, I'm on week 2 and haven't thrown in the towel. The program works by giving you prompts to run or walk (with exercise I need someone to tell me what to do) whilst listening to your favorite inspirational tunes. 

 On my playlist
(warm up) Boards of Canada - Peacock tail
Daft Punk - Alive
Gorillaz - Dare
Goldie - Inner City Life
Super Furry Animals - (A) Touch Sensitive
Seafar - Young team theme
(cool down) Air - Alone in Kyoto

As I find myself in a whole new world of outdoor exercise, I have been taking notice of the clothes that people exercise in, mostly all black, head to toe with not much colour. I've pictured here a few alternatives, Stella McCartney, who else! Reckon I'd run faster if I had this get up on.
I hope to keep you posted on my progress and who knows maybe, just maybe I might join the family wall of fame or hopefully drop a few kilos!!

Have a great weekend, catch you next week

Sleekit x

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Jacquard print capri trousers

Print is high on my fashion agenda at the moment, loving all the bright clashing prints. I came across these jacquard capri trousers on sale at ASOS for $32! I know, (finding it very hard to resist the ASOS bargain). They go perfectly with my recent op shop purchase, Kenneth Cole shoes. I'm escaping the Melbourne winter soon for a spot of sunshine in Queensland and will be packing these for sure.
top: Karen Millen
top over: Desaku
belt: Spotsgirl
ring: Studio Leanne
capri trousers: ASOS
shoes: Op Shop

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Social Studio dress

This week, I'm trying to wear a few things I haven't worn for a while. This hand dyed dress is by the Social Studio, a fabulous collaboration between fashion and community; you can read some more about them over here. (I love the red outfit on their homepage!) The colour is so vibrant and it is such a great fit for me. Statement, bold, unique; ticks all the boxes. I must wear it more often.

dress: Social Studio
belt: Sportsgirl
cuff: Diva
tights: free in a gift bag
shoes: Melissa
earrings: Sportsgirl

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kenneth Cole Op shop find

 dress: Cue
coat: redDog3
top: ASOS
belt: Sportsgirl
hat: Sportsgirl
tights: ok-ok
shades: Sportsgirl
bracelet: Gifted
gloves: little black book
bag: Topshop

Every now and then, I venture into an op shop and come out with something fabulous and totally unexpected. The other day I spotted these, worn once Kenneth Cole designer heels, bargain price of $15! The style is classic and I love the bow detail, very elegant, don't you think? What's your best op shop find, do tell?...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Spring thinking

 top: ASOS
jumpsuit: Sportsgirl
jacket: Anthropologie
belt: Sportsgirl
gloves: Little black book
ring: Studio Leanne
yellow bird: Elk
bag: Topshop
shoes: South Melbourne Market
shades: from the chemist

The other day, I got dressed for the wrong season. It's very much winter in Melbourne but for some reason I woke up and put on a Spring outfit, needless to say I was freezing! However, when I ventured to Carlton Gardens, amongst the bright yellow flowers, it almost felt Spring like. 
You can almost see the goosebumps on my arm, can hear my mum say, "Put a coat on, you'll catch yer death!". All that aside, I like this outfit and I'm sure when the Spring comes, er (1 and a bit months and counting) I'll take it out some more.

Have a great weekend
Love Sleekit x

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

End of financial year sales

You may have noticed that it's end of year financial sale time. Every shop front is trying to entice you in to part with your hard earned cash! This is a very trying time for me as I try not to impulse buy. I'm a sucker for a good bargain, really couldn't resist stocking up on some Dita undies at Target! I've put together a few reductions that caught my eye. Have you bought any great bargains in the sales, do tell?... 
WOW! I've already bought two more sets, you can purchase online and then select your nearest store to pick up, thus avoiding shipping, genius!
This dress featured on my wish list at the beginning of the year, I still love the cut and the colour, a classic wardrobe addition, reduced from $199
Another feature on my wish list, this half moon belt from Gorman, reduced from $99
Worn with a black sheer shirt and killer heels, va va voom! Reduced from $269

Liven up any outfit really, straight to cart! Reduced from $169.95
If your gonna splurge, then invest in a good winter coat, this coat is so stunning, the cut, the colour, if only I had a spare $439, sigh...Reduced from $625

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