Friday, July 20, 2012

Sleekit goes running

 This picture of health is my sis running the Melbourne Marathon in 3:04, incredible achievement!

I do not have the running gene, unlike my sister and brother who have completed many a marathon including Melbourne, London & New York. My sister pictured above running the Melbourne Marathon in a cool 3:04! I have tried running many times but find myself gasping for air or calapse in a heap, pink face – not pretty.
Recently, I have been using the Couch25k free iphone app, tailored for lazy folk like me who canny run. So far, so good, I'm on week 2 and haven't thrown in the towel. The program works by giving you prompts to run or walk (with exercise I need someone to tell me what to do) whilst listening to your favorite inspirational tunes. 

 On my playlist
(warm up) Boards of Canada - Peacock tail
Daft Punk - Alive
Gorillaz - Dare
Goldie - Inner City Life
Super Furry Animals - (A) Touch Sensitive
Seafar - Young team theme
(cool down) Air - Alone in Kyoto

As I find myself in a whole new world of outdoor exercise, I have been taking notice of the clothes that people exercise in, mostly all black, head to toe with not much colour. I've pictured here a few alternatives, Stella McCartney, who else! Reckon I'd run faster if I had this get up on.
I hope to keep you posted on my progress and who knows maybe, just maybe I might join the family wall of fame or hopefully drop a few kilos!!

Have a great weekend, catch you next week

Sleekit x


  1. I wish I could keep running at the moment... but I just can't... sigh... I was really getting into it then I got pregnant!

    Can't wait to jump on the bandwagon, let us know how you go with the C25K!!!


  2. Good post - good on you! I started running in January and amazingly i am still going (although only once every 3 days in winter cos i have to do it in the dark during the working week!). I have noticed all the boring running clothes too. Decided i would not investing special clothes unless i stuck with it - perhaps i will splash out in the Spring.

  3. Blithely Unaware - thanks lady, so far so good, I did Preggi Bellies when I was pregnant and really enjoyed it, helped with energy levels

    Janiece - Yes, I may need to treat myself too ;)

    Sleekit x


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