Friday, June 29, 2012

Orange and silk and the weekend

Yep, some more orange for you! I'm loving my new faux fur and playing around with it, wearing it wrapped around, inside out, it's such a versatile little number. Last weekend I was sick with the lurgy so this weekend I'm looking forward to: a movie - going to see the new pixar movie 'Brave' with my little boy, PT - I work out with my friends every Sat morning (it's more fun than exercise), brekkie - checking out a new Melbourne cafe for some morning nosh, sitting on the couch - catching up on Boardwalk Empire season 2 (so good), spending time with my family. What are you up to this weekend?

dress: Zara
tights: Sportsgirl
shoes: Nine West
faux fur: Sportsgirl
hair clip: Little Salon
earrings: Sportsgirl

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Green suede boots

Mid week, I decided to have a bit of a wardrobe clear-out and found these Nine West green suede boots nestled at the back of the wardrobe. They have been part of my wardrobe for forever but I always seem to forget I have them. I'm spring cleaning in winter in the hope to offload some of my stuff with a big garage sale in the Spring. A friend once told me, "If you haven't worn it for a year, it has to go!," I wish I could keep to that mantra. Letting go is not my forte, in fact I could be a future subject on one of those hoarding shows! Sheessh, Nah, I'm not that bad! For now, I'm keeping hold of these green suede boots and I'm sure they will see me through another winter or two.

jacket: RedDog 3
skirt: French Connection
boots: Nine West
bag: Topshop
hat: Sportsgirl
scarf: Target
glasses: canny remember

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carlton Gardens and colour

My weekend was a bit of non event, caught the cold and spent most of it on the couch or in bed, felt robbed when Monday morning came round and it was back to work, ppfff. Thankfully, my cold has buggered off and yesterday I took a very pleasant stroll through Carlton Gardens, in the heart of the CBD and just a stones throw from my work. It's such a pretty, peaceful place and with no one around, the perfect back drop for a shoot.
In my previous post, I discussed my love for a pop of colour in Winter. I love black too, but when I wear it, it has to be with a wee bit of colour; however there are some ladies in the blogesphere who rock a head to toe black look, enter Sea of Ghosts
Adding a statement pair of tights or accessories can really bring a dark palette to life. With this outfit, I've gone for mustard and gold to give this outfit some presence, I like it, hope you like it too.

black top: Desaku
mustard top: ASOS
tights: Ok-Ok
bag: Sportsgirl
belt: Sportsgirl
shoes: Melissa
skirt: ASOS
coat: Witchery
cuff: Diva
brolly: Gifted

Friday, June 22, 2012

hot pink and cold

It's been so cold, wet and grey in Melbourne this week, almost reminiscent of good ol Scottish weather. Everywhere you look there's a sea of black and grey and then there's me in fluro pink! This was a very quick shoot as it was so friggin cold, I sure didn't have enough layers on (call myself a Melbournian!, ppff), I was freezing, can you tell? A little accent of colour never goes a miss to brighten up even the greyest day.
Have a great weekend dear readers, maybe the sun will come out!
top: Genki
jacket: Vivenne Westwood
skirt: ASOS
tights: myer
shoes: Nine West
bag: Topshop
scarf: Mimco

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Sportsgirl orange faux fur

Did you have a good weekend, yes? Good, I did too. There's a little trend going on with me at the mo, I'm grabbing anything orange or mustard, my winter palette. My latest steal would have to be this orange faux fur from Sportsgirl, bought on sale for $29.99 (in case your wondering, I'm not on the payroll, I simply just love to shop there). I first spotted it a month or so ago and stalked it till it went on sale, the pieces I like always do, ie the brightly colored, in your face kinda treasures. 
Pictured here, I've wrapped it around as apposed to the usual way in the last pic, more cosy and it shows off my previously purchased Sportsgirl chrome belt. The Chelsea boots bought on sale from ASOS have been on rotation, so comfy, give me height and go with practically everything. I've been good to myself lately, don't you think?

top: ASOS
boots: ASOS
skirt: H&M, New York
tights: Sportsgirl
faux fur: Sportsgirl
belt: Sportsgirl

Friday, June 15, 2012

Casual Friday outfit

A very quick post, this is as casual as I get. I bought this chrome belt from Sportsgirl recently (my favorite accessories shop!) Have a great weekend dear readers!
top: Jay Jays
shorts: Mink Pink
boots: ASOS
necklace: Frank ideas (gift from beloved)
hair clip: Little Salon
bracelet: stall, 5th Ave, New York
tights: Leona Edminston

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

$4 D&G jumper - Op shop find

jumper: Thrifted
skirt: ASOS
tights: Les queues de sardines
shoes: Topshop
bag: Topshop
pom pom bobble: Little Salon
shades: Sportsgirl

On a recent trip to Kyneton, I thrifted this Dolce & Gabanna, pure wool, made in Italy jumper for $4! It's so cosy and perfect for the Winter weather. As first, I wasn't really sure how to style it but I reckon it works well with this black and white, touch of red combo.
When I pick things up from the Op Shop, I often wonder, who or where they came from...every garment must have a little story. It's great to recycle a beautifully made garment, I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of it.
Have you picked up a bargain recently from the Op Shop, do tell?...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Orange & Mustard, my Winter colours

 coat: ASOS
dress: Konstantina Mittas for Sportsgirl
tights: Sportsgirl
shoes: Nine West
top: ASOS
clasp: Little Salon

It's a long weekend here in Melbourne, yeh! Great timing, as you may gather from my previous post, a small break is most appreciated. Winter is very much upon us, my hues for the season would have to be orange and mustard, here I've mixed the two with one of my favorite frocks, picked up from Sportsgirl for the bargain price of $30 (reduced from $250!). Also, sporting my new hair clip from Little Salon which just adds a little something to my straight up and down do. Whatever your up to, have a great long weekend, I'm putting my feet up, wrapping myself in cosy jammies and polishing off the cornflakes fruit slice I made through the week with maybe a glass of red or two!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hair accessories from Little Salon and a wee winge

 to the side
  brighten up a tee
 Melbourne top knot
  if only!
on top

Nestled in the heart of Gertrude St, Melbourne, is a cute little shop called 'Little Salon'. Check it out, they have an online shop too. I picked up a couple of hair accessories today in the hope of becoming more creative with my very long mane. I wish I was one of those girls who did curls, rolls, pin curls, you know but alas the french plait is as creative as I get. Maybe I just need to learn.
It's the beginning of winter (yes, it does get cold in Melbourne) and I feel like hibernating. Already, with the token change of season cold and my get up and go has got up and gone. Already, longing for the sun on my shoulders and the spring in my step. Already, crossing off the days till August when I get to stop and bask in the Queensland sun. Enough already!
Winge over, back to the cute accessories. 
At $15 a pop, well, you just couldn't go past them, could you.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Black, orange and colour

 jacket: Reddog3
shorts: Mink Pink
top: Karen Millen
bag: Topshop
gloves: Little black book
ring: Studio Leanne
scarf: Bought of 5th Ave, New York $5
necklace, worn as belt: Witchery
boots: ASOS

Orange is my colour at the mo, I especially love to wear it with black, the colour pop is so effective. I have to say there are not many colours I wouldn't wear, in fact my wardrobe is a rainbow of different hues. This was not always the case, in my 20's I would wear head to toe black with little or no colour, I think maybe I had colour fear! I saw a lady in her 80's the other day wearing head to toe red and I'm pissed I never captured a shot of her, so bold, so fabulous...when I'm 80, I wanna be that lady!

Have a great weekend, catch you next week

Sleekit x

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