Friday, June 29, 2012

Orange and silk and the weekend

Yep, some more orange for you! I'm loving my new faux fur and playing around with it, wearing it wrapped around, inside out, it's such a versatile little number. Last weekend I was sick with the lurgy so this weekend I'm looking forward to: a movie - going to see the new pixar movie 'Brave' with my little boy, PT - I work out with my friends every Sat morning (it's more fun than exercise), brekkie - checking out a new Melbourne cafe for some morning nosh, sitting on the couch - catching up on Boardwalk Empire season 2 (so good), spending time with my family. What are you up to this weekend?

dress: Zara
tights: Sportsgirl
shoes: Nine West
faux fur: Sportsgirl
hair clip: Little Salon
earrings: Sportsgirl


  1. I literally JUST saw another blogger in the same stole!
    It looks fantastic, kind of wishing I had bought one :(


  2. In winter as a man can I wear orange tights under black shorts.


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