Friday, June 1, 2012

Black, orange and colour

 jacket: Reddog3
shorts: Mink Pink
top: Karen Millen
bag: Topshop
gloves: Little black book
ring: Studio Leanne
scarf: Bought of 5th Ave, New York $5
necklace, worn as belt: Witchery
boots: ASOS

Orange is my colour at the mo, I especially love to wear it with black, the colour pop is so effective. I have to say there are not many colours I wouldn't wear, in fact my wardrobe is a rainbow of different hues. This was not always the case, in my 20's I would wear head to toe black with little or no colour, I think maybe I had colour fear! I saw a lady in her 80's the other day wearing head to toe red and I'm pissed I never captured a shot of her, so bold, so fabulous...when I'm 80, I wanna be that lady!

Have a great weekend, catch you next week

Sleekit x


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