Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alexander McQueen before he was King

College years, my early 20s, I used to buy a lot of designer labels. God knows where I found the money to fund my little addiction. I once overheard a fellow student call me a “fashion victim”, it was evidently a derogatory label, but to me, my clothes and style were all part of make up, expressionism and creativity. The student in question used to wear all black and dragged his feet around, but of course he didn’t buy into fashion..I beg to differ. These days I am a bit more, well, cautious of how much I spend on my love for fashion, a mortgage and kid sure change your budget.

So that said, let me introduce you to my Alexander McQueen trousers. I bought these on sale many years ago, from Cruise in Glasgow. These would have probably been from some of his initial collections before he became the royalty that he is today. I absolutely love them and wanted to produce a post that was worthy of Alexander the Great. Taking inspiration from Lady Melbourne, who always has the most beautiful pictures using natural light, I chased the natural light around my home and I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with the results, hope you like them too.

Top: Prince Billy
Trousers: Alexander McQueen
Hair Clip: Swarovski
Shoes: Cotton On
Bracelet: Gift

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Cross Bargain

I found this hat at the new refurbished Red Cross store on Glenhuntly rd, Elsternwick. A bargain at $15, and all for a good cause too. They recycle new and used items that many of us seem to store or unlove. Definitely worth checking out, I nearly picked up the cutest little boned tartan dress but if you need to squeeze and take a deep breath to get into it - probably best to walk away, even if it was only $18. They also had a great selection of bags and accessories, the clothes hang colour coded making it easy to find a bargain without having to troll through endless rails.

Saturday was quite a cold day to begin with so I took my new hat on a road trip. Outfit goes a little something like this:

Hat: Australian Red Cross
Cape: Karen Millen
Dress: To the Max
Socks: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Nine West

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sleekit Skirt Challenge - Results

Earlier in the week I accepted a challenge, from my sister to see how many outfits I could put together with the Nicolangela skirt from the post below. The rules being, I could only use items from my existing wardrobe. I've got to be honest, this was a hard one, this skirt is such a statement!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sleekit Skirt Challenge

To kick off the start of the week, my sister has set me a challenge. How many outfits can I work with the Nicolangela skirt above. She wore this skirt to my wedding a few years ago, but like many wedding outfits, it hangs in the wardrobe waiting for an occasion. Report back later in the week to see how I go. And, yes I know it needs an iron!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to school

Today I went back to work after a long and very relaxing festive break. I always remember going back to school after the summer holidays when I was a nipper, decked out in new shoes and uniform and how I would try not to scrape my new shoes as I knew the next new pair would come the following year and not a moment before. I have taken this tradition into my adulthood and got myself a fresh new outfit and shoes to kick of the working new year. I am lucky to work in a creative environment so anything goes, I can't imagine going to the office in a suit, especially in this weather! This jump suit is by far the bargain of the week, $39 reduced from $169 from French Connection and the perfect look for my new fabulous booties, it's so comfy and light too. My mimco box houses all I need for a days work, my play piece, pencil, pens and hopefully I will get out to play in my play suit at lunch time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leave your hat on

Today has been a day of trying to stay cool and sane whilst Melbourne bakes in 40+ degree heat. I have purchased a new Mac and have just discovered the photo booth application which kept me amused when I finally got my little 17 month year old boy down for an afternoon nap (babies and heat sure don't mix) these shots were taken using the program. In this heat you'll need a good hat so here's a small collection of my favorite summer hats. I'm au natural today for fear make up may melt my face, good ol black n white and sepia are soo forgiving.

Hat 1: Mimco
Hat 2: Puma
Hat 3: Stussy
Hat 4: Chemist in Blairgowrie for $20

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's all in the accessories

I have been trying out my new aqua accessories received with great pleasure for Christmas. Accessories can make all the difference to an outfit. Take the first pic with none, looks ok but then add some accessories and voila, a whole new look. I'm a firm believer in accessorising up, you can create so many different looks with little effort, update an old outfit or create the illusion that your wardrobe is bigger than it really is. Have also been hiding my hair underneath this Mimco hat, with naturally wavy hair the heat does all kinds of funny things to my napper, this hat gives me sanctuary and keeps me stylish at the same time.
Just when I thought Christmas was over a wee surprise comes in the post, a belated Christmas present from my beautiful sister and brother-in-law in Scotland, Chanel nail polish and lippy, fabulous! What a treat! Goes on so beautifully I love it.

Outfit 1
Shorts: Stella McCartney
Top: Genki
Accessorise: Gift
Shoes: Cotton On (custom buttons, gift)

Outfit 2
Dress: Country Road

Belt: Bahmonde
Shoes: Nine West
Hat: Mimco

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coolest shoes this year

Let me introduce you to my new shoes. I took back the cow shoes from the previous post below (unfortunately they had no bigger sizes) but would you take a look what I exchanged them for! These are by far the coolest shoes I have purchased for some time. I love that they look straight out of ' Ashes to Ashes' a UK TV show that I am currently hooked on.  Took them on their first outing to South Melbourne Market today and I got a few folks checking them out, pardon the pun. I picked up these earrings too, the shop Exentrix, South Bank, Melbourne.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year same me +2kg

It's 2010 and all that's changed is my waistline. My skinny black trousers don't button at the top but if you can't indulge over the festive period then when can you I say. I will not be putting myself on some crazy diet or exercise regime, will simply resort to my semi healthy eating habits and keep walking and occasional gym work outs. In the meantime I will get creative with my wardrobe and work with it. You would hardly know about my extra kg's and open top button under this top (previous post Inbetweener) which I have created a wrap using this gorgeous brooch given to me by my best friend Fi. So don't get sucked it with all those get slim quick fads and gimmicks, get creative with your wardrobe instead! 

Top: Dejuba
Trousers: Cue (samples)
Shoes: Wittner
Brooch: Present
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