Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nuffnang Windsor Op Shop Crawl

 Vicki from Knocked up and Abroad

yes, indeed! 

Zoe from Life of a Vegetarian Girl and lunch at Tyranny of Distance 
The always stunning Marianne Esme and The Laneway

Trish from Trish Hunter Finds with her amazing card box
 Kate from Vanity Project by Kate Iselin in her show stopping wedges
Can't wait to see a post with Cecilya Cecylia.com in her black sheer dress 
my purple shoes

Release the fanfare, yes, it's time people, I finally have internet. Moving to an older house creates all kinds of technical problems but to be honest it has been good to have a wee break. 
I finally got back on the blogging circuit at the weekend, completely by-passed the whole fashion week spectacle of LMFF and headed out on an op shop crawl with 13 other bloggers and a couple of ladies Berlin & Valissa from Nuffnang; who kindly threw in some lunch at the end of our little adventure.
We kicked off in Windsor at the top end of Chapel St, not quite the Paris end but treasure did await us as we hopped from one to the next like a little army of thrift seekers on a mission.
It wasn't long before I spied my treasure, a pair of brand new purple T bar shoes, $15. Thank you.
Laura from A little Boutique Near Home has a fabulous montage of all the ladies and their finds, you might even find me on there.
A huge thank you to Erica Recycled Fashion for organising such a great event, look forward to the next one.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wanna find my inner earth mother with Camilla

image source Camilla

Going through a quiet spell at work so thought I would bring you a very quick post via work today. Still no internet, yawn.
It's fashion week here in Melbourne (LMFF) and normally I would be embracing with a few shows and social engagements but find I have little or no free time at the moment with the building of the new nest and all. However, I have been keeping in touch with all the goss through social media and one Melbourne designer has caught my eye.
Camilla Franks, somehow I haven't came across you till now, where have I been? Camilla launched onto the fashion scene seven years ago with her whimsical, goddess like collections. Celebrities far and wide have embraced her and now it's my turn.
I want to run through a meadow, baring a headdress and find my inner earth mother! Love.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

In transit

Hellooooo, I have moved but have yet no internet so posting has become a wee bit problematic! The move was mental and we are only starting to get our feet back on the ground, still wading through the boxes but so far, so good, loving the new hood and most of all, living across from the most beautiful beach. 
Here is a pic I took in our new bedroom which is currently getting re-painted and a walk in wardrobe is being installed as I type, very excited about that...
Stay tuned, I will be back to normal shortly, promise!
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