Monday, May 30, 2011

Afternoon Tea at Hotel Nest

Apologies for being a stranger but blogger shit itself last week with a plethora of technical issues, hopefully all back to normal now, phew.
Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of munching on some high tea with my dear friend Tracey and a few girlfriends to celebrate her birthday. We tead at Hotel Nest in Middle Park, a gorgeous venue for an afternoon of sheer cake indulgence. We kicked off with some champers and then worked our way through some finger sandwiches, jam and cream scones, mini cakes in the form of bags we will never afford and then more champers and lots of laughs; whilst seated on ghost chairs. Fabulous!
Would recommend this to any gal who loves spending time with good friends, getting dressed up and sipping on tea from a vintage bone china cup. To be honest the bag cakes look better than they taste but who cares! they look so pretty. The scones and the mini lemon meringues were a stand out.
I wore my new ASOS coat and Konstantina Mittas lace dress underneath with my signature Nine West orange patent shoes.
You can book here.

note to self, try not to take outfit pic whilst staring directly at the sun!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I love my tights

I absolutely adore this collection from les-queues-de-sardines, add to cart and go!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What does one wear on the farm?

trench: Gap
turban: Morgan & Taylor
scarf: Gifted
shoes: Urban Outfitters
bag: French Connection
Ma boys
What you should wear on the farm

In true Sleekit fashion I overdressed for a day at Collingwood Children's Farm. I'm of the opinion that wellies are for kids and wouldn't be seen dead in a pair, in fact for me they are up there with Crocs, that's just me. I don't care if Kate Moss is sporting a new pair of Hunter's at Glasto, still wouldnae get me in a pair. 
I was recently diagnosed with arthritis of the toe and told by a podiatrist to wear sensible shoes! Eeeekkkkk! This was definitely not music to my ears, I love my heels and flats are just not my thing. Unfortunately my compulsive heel wearing has caught up with me so I'm gonna try and wear some flats but I'm not prepared to give up my heels, life's too short for sensible shoes.
Hope you like my turban, it's a new purchase.

Have a great weekend folks and go dancin in yer heels no yer wellies x

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saturday afternoon/evening on Chapel/Greville St


Before my little boy came along I used to spend my Saturday afternoon's strolling up and down Chapel St, make a few purchases, stop off for lunch at one of the many eateries, polish off a few vinos before parking myself in a taxi and heading home. Ah, those were the days.
So you can just imagine how delighted I was to be offered a whole day and night babysitting, courtesy of my big sis. What better way to spend it than a leisurely day/night around some of my old haunts.
First stop Greville St, its changed so much over the years but I still love this little strip for boutique and something a wee bit special shopping. Stopped off at the old PAM shop (now a video store), thankfully they have not wiped an original Futura 2000 graff nestled at the back of the front door, a little faded but still there. Onwards to Chapel St, a plethora of shops for all occasions, hipsters everywhere.
I loved the Gorman store and feel in love with this seasons collection, a tad pricey for my pocket but yes to colour, duffle coats with pom poms and tailored trousers. Also checked out the Dion Lee collaboration at Cue, again tad pricey but very tempted by the acute tailoring and originality from this great Aussie designer.
For dinner we stumbled down to Commercial Road for a Hutong feast. This was my first visit to the Prahran restaurant after sampling many a tasty morsel at their sister establishment in the city; deep fried salt and pepper prawns, Shao long bau dumplings with several beers thrown in for good measure.
One thing that did strike me was the number of shops that looked close to closure. Are we all shopping online now and putting these boutique shops out of business. Book stores are destined to disappear, Greville St books and Borders have already bit the bullet. 
Do you still like to do the Saturday afternoon shop or have you too become an online shopper?? Discuss...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gie's yer Jaiket

 It's freezing and wet in Melbourne, everyone is talking about the weather, "Brrrrr, cold again today huh", "This has to be the coldest day on record", "My fingers are like, frost bitten!", obviously the latter was a slight exaggeration, but for the purpose of this post IT'S BLOODY FREEZIN!
You may have noticed that I have been very conservative with my buying of late due to impending NY trip, only 5 months to go! Weeeeeeeeee. Sometimes you just can't go by a bargain and when I saw this jacket in KMART, yes people KMART for $29, well I just had to buy it. It's the coziest jacket I've ever owned and perfect for the BLOODY FREEZIN WEATHER. I also scored a blue pucciesque scarf in Target for $3 (I have the same scarf in pink and I forever get compliments when I take it out, bargain). 

Jacket: KMART
Trousers: Cue samples
Booties: Ecentrix
Tee: Genki
Scarf: Target

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Blue and Green

How was your weekend? Did you have a good Mother's Day? This is what I wore on Mother's Day, any occasion to dress up and celebrate. My day started with a lie in, followed by a cooked breakfast, cards, hugs and a new book; Chanel.

Fashion has always been with me. I love experimenting with different looks and styles, it's what makes me tick. I'm a mum who likes to wear heels and coloured stockings and just because I'm a mum that ain't gonna change. If I look good, I feel good, I'm doing it for me. My wee boy has already started to comment on my style, "Beautiful dress Mummy", "Wear those shoes!", that just makes me smile. Sure, I get a few odd looks when I do the drop off but I also get mum's who say, "You have the best collection of shoes and stockings I have ever seen", so I'll just listen to the latter, that's just me.

Jacket: Red Dog 3
Stockings: Jonathan Aston
Shoes: Kenzo
Faux Fur: Cue
Skirt: Rougue Traders

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, to all you mums out there who have the hardest but most rewarding job in the world. Today is your day, enjoy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

RAFW and Red and blue and stripes

You may or may not know that this week is Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW). As much as I would love to spend time sitting front row with all the fashion pack, I'm a busy working mum so I'm getting my quick fix over here. Particularly love the latest post on Limedrop 'Calypso'. Trends coming through are colour and fleuro so I should be sorted for the next season and even some stripes.

top: Kinki Gerlinki
silk trousers: Fleur Wood
shoes: Gifted
bag: Thrifted Fashion Hayley
ring: Diva
jacket: Vivienne Westwood
shades: stole from my beloved
earrings: Gifted 

Hope I didn't scare ya on that last pic, extreme close up, crows feet and all!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Combat, Stripes and hair dye

Finally, after several weeks of hiding under hats, my hair has been re-noired and all the unsightliness is gone. I am naturally dark brown in colour but since I was the tender age of 16 I have been dying my hair. Sometimes I just can't be arsed doing it; it's so bloody messy and no matter how tidy you are, you always end up with a blob on your face, clothing or on the bathroom rug! It's like going into battle, greys come in too quickly to have it dyed in a salon each time so I have to persevere with this laborious ritual in order to avoid a Cruella de Vil. Do you have a regular beauty chore that rips yer knittin? (annoys that crap out of you)

Dress: Ben Sherman
Jacket: Kinki Gerlinki
Boots: Thrifted
Belt: Sportsgirl
Bangles: Diva
Tights: Leona Edminston

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brand new Genki stripey tee

Last week I posted about the death of my stripey tee, a wardrobe staple that couldn't be replaced. Well, apparently a new tee was alive and well and waiting to be loved over at the online store for Genki. Thanks to the lovely Blitherly Unaware, who alerted me of the site and subsequently resulted in the purchase of a new stripey tee; ordered on Wednesday afternoon and sitting in my post box come Friday morning, now that's service! (unlike another on-line store which I am currently battling to get an order out of, placed at the beginning of April!) more on that later, back to the new stripey tee. Now, you may be asking yourself, you can get a stripey tee anywhere love, ah yes, but I love the cut of the Genki tee, the boat neck and the three quarter arm length and it's made with 100% cotton so it feels snug. Be prepared to see my new tee on the blog on a regular basis, cause you just can't beat a classic.
Genki was a little eccentric boutique store that used to be housed in Cathedral Arcade in Melbourne, you can now enjoy online.
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