Thursday, May 5, 2011

RAFW and Red and blue and stripes

You may or may not know that this week is Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW). As much as I would love to spend time sitting front row with all the fashion pack, I'm a busy working mum so I'm getting my quick fix over here. Particularly love the latest post on Limedrop 'Calypso'. Trends coming through are colour and fleuro so I should be sorted for the next season and even some stripes.

top: Kinki Gerlinki
silk trousers: Fleur Wood
shoes: Gifted
bag: Thrifted Fashion Hayley
ring: Diva
jacket: Vivienne Westwood
shades: stole from my beloved
earrings: Gifted 

Hope I didn't scare ya on that last pic, extreme close up, crows feet and all!


  1. HEY!

    I used to live literally right where those photos have been taken. 'round the corner are to of my favourite shoppes Husk and RPM.

    Still lurrrving the striped tee.

  2. Awesome shoes! And another cool bag!

  3. So happy your still loving the bag. You didn't miss out on much at RAFW, its all a bit too....for want of a better word, bitchy. The fashion was good though, but not as good as in previous years as it all got a bit samey, oh look white, oh look burnt orange, a floral print. Nothing terribly innovative or exciting, except Limedrop, who haven't got much press up here in Shitney.


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