Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Combat, Stripes and hair dye

Finally, after several weeks of hiding under hats, my hair has been re-noired and all the unsightliness is gone. I am naturally dark brown in colour but since I was the tender age of 16 I have been dying my hair. Sometimes I just can't be arsed doing it; it's so bloody messy and no matter how tidy you are, you always end up with a blob on your face, clothing or on the bathroom rug! It's like going into battle, greys come in too quickly to have it dyed in a salon each time so I have to persevere with this laborious ritual in order to avoid a Cruella de Vil. Do you have a regular beauty chore that rips yer knittin? (annoys that crap out of you)

Dress: Ben Sherman
Jacket: Kinki Gerlinki
Boots: Thrifted
Belt: Sportsgirl
Bangles: Diva
Tights: Leona Edminston

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  1. Hair looks HOT!!!

    I haven' dyed my own hair in yonks, have to trust my hairdresser seeing as it's blonde. There is NO way I could do it at home hahaha


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