Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Social Studio dress

This week, I'm trying to wear a few things I haven't worn for a while. This hand dyed dress is by the Social Studio, a fabulous collaboration between fashion and community; you can read some more about them over here. (I love the red outfit on their homepage!) The colour is so vibrant and it is such a great fit for me. Statement, bold, unique; ticks all the boxes. I must wear it more often.

dress: Social Studio
belt: Sportsgirl
cuff: Diva
tights: free in a gift bag
shoes: Melissa
earrings: Sportsgirl


  1. loveeee the print of this dress! not many people pull off orange, you look fab! xx

  2. That dress is great on you, looks like fire!

  3. Hello, I saw your comment on Hayley´s blog and I knew I Had to come and check you and your blog.
    Love you, your blog and your unique style.
    I am following and adding you to my blogroll this second.
    I can feel we are going to be great blogger friends, yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Alicia - Sea of Ghosts - I'm loving orange at the mo, thanks lady Ghost x

    Janiece - Cheers, I think so too

    Sacramento - Welcome to my world, always great to get a new follower :)

    Sleekit x

  5. this dress is amazing, especially with this belt. wow!


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