Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kenneth Cole Op shop find

 dress: Cue
coat: redDog3
top: ASOS
belt: Sportsgirl
hat: Sportsgirl
tights: ok-ok
shades: Sportsgirl
bracelet: Gifted
gloves: little black book
bag: Topshop

Every now and then, I venture into an op shop and come out with something fabulous and totally unexpected. The other day I spotted these, worn once Kenneth Cole designer heels, bargain price of $15! The style is classic and I love the bow detail, very elegant, don't you think? What's your best op shop find, do tell?...


  1. My girlfriend wants me to wear tights under shorts. Can me as a man wear tights underneath shorts?

    1. why don't you try it and see for yourself instead of asking sleekit all the time!

    2. So I tried it yesterday and didn't see anything wrong with it and neither did the people around me. Thanks

  2. I love the whole ensemble, ant the pop of the yellow is fabulous.


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