Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting the week with colour

I love to wear colour and in a sea of Melbourne black it's nice for a bit of a change. Don't get me wrong I love to wear black too but I think colour can make a person feel good, spring in yer step and all that. I wore this blue/red combo to work the other day and my boss said I looked like a 'Wiggle', that made me laugh (= feel good), I have a thick skin when it comes to my style. I've noticed people raise a smile when they pass you in the street, sometimes even with an approving nod. Don't be afraid of colour, what's the worst that could happen.... someone could call you a 'Wiggle'. My little boy approves, that's enough for me.

Outfit 1:
Dress: Kookai
Sash: Mimco
Beads: Gift
Shoes: Cotton On (Badge custom)

Outfit 2:
Skirt: French Connection
Top: French Connection
Shoes: Cotton On


  1. Yay for colour, especially here in Melbourne! I don't think you look like a wiggle :)

  2. Thanks emse, may I say I'm loving your accent red touches on your blog, red being my favorite colour and all

    Sleekit x

  3. Thanks Stephanie, what a lovely thing to say :)

    Sleekit x


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