Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy in your own skin

In my short life I have ranged from a size 8-14, it's taken me a while to be comfortable in my own skin. The media and fantasy world of celebrity have created a monster and an influx of woman who constantly fight a battle with themselves and one another over weight issues. In the 50's woman looked more womanly I think, curves and realistic body frames, today we are plagued with size zero and models who look thin enough that they may split in two if pushed over. My gene's tell me that I will never be Kate Moss and I am absolutely fine with that, I'm happy with my body but I still need to exercise and eat healthy to achieve it. I am currently reading the autobiography of Dawn French, called 'Dear Fatty', she talks about her weight and how she just loves herself for whom she is, all inspiring and well she is just such a funny lady, her weight is part of her persona. So that said, I would like to celebrate what I do have, in this gorgeous 50's style swim suit given to me by my best mate Fi. Ladies be kind to yourself and remember beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Hat: Mimco
Glasses: Op Shop
Swim suit: Gift from Fi
Shoes: Nine West


  1. Kym Smith, well thank you lady x

    Emse, thankyou, my best mate from Scotland gave it to me, I could actually put together a blog with all the cool things she has bought me over the years

    Sleekit x


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