Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Inspirational Alexander McQueen


I am a hoarder, especially with clothes, in pains me to throw anything out. As mentioned in a previous post I indulged in a few designer labels in my 20s. These trousers from Modzart set me back 120 pounds a pop 15 years ago, they are my history and I will never part from them. I had a Oprah moment when I managed to fit into these babies, very liberating. The Prada shoes also bought many years ago, classic and still in fantastic condition. Fashion goes in swings and roundabouts and animal prints are making a resurgence due to the brilliance of designers such as Alexander McQueen, his SS/10 collection,  will go down in history as one of the most liberating, bountiful, inspirational, whimsical collections the world has ever seen.
This post has been inspired by the late Alexander McQueen and I leave you with the words from another artistic genius 'We take our happy moments to the grave, but art lives on' Len Lye


  1. Thanks Stephanie!

    Sleekit x

    Ps I have been following your blog too

  2. My god, I ADORE the white faux snakeskin Modzart pants!


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