Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleekit Goes Avant Garde - Part 3

I'm having so much fun this week experimenting with my wardrobe. This look sits well with me, vibrant colour and beautiful fabrics. I found this skirt at the back of the wardrobe, it got lost in-between pregnancy and a few dress sizes. The jacket is made from vintage kimono fabric.

The second outfit features a Kate Sylvester dress I picked up for $20 in a bargain bin, teamed with stockings and metallic accessories, a cute little outfit for a sunny Melbourne day.

Outfit 1

Jacket: Eimai
Skirt: Oasis
Sash worn as belt: Mimco
Shoes: Nine West 

Outfit 2

Dress: Kate Sylvester

Stockings: Myer
Thongs: Holsten
Bag: French Connection
Earrings: Gift
Bangle: Kinki Gerlinki

While listening to: 
The Noise Made by People


  1. Thanks Stephanie, your always so sweet x

    Thanks Milla Fox, stylish mum's must stick together!

    Sleekit x


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