Monday, March 1, 2010

T for two | Heide

This weekend I visited one of my favorite Architectural buildings - Heide. If I could, I would live in this building. Its open space and Limestone walls encapsulate a modernistic and structural piece of architecture which remains timeless. Cafe Vue has also recently opened on the grounds, it was too busy and maybe not so child friendly so a future visit may be in order. 
The refurbished Heide Store houses a special range of limited edition products as well as a wide selection of art and design publications, exhibition catalogues, cards and postcards, children’s toys and books. I couldn't resist this limited edition Kat MacLeod tea set, I love her illustrations and have several dotted around my home so this will fit in just nicely. Polished off some tea with these delicious macaroons.

Top: Genki
Shorts: Mooks
Tights: les-queues-de-sardines
Shoes: Cotton On
Brooch: Bold
Bangle: Kinki Gerlinki



  1. I really like those tea cups... I was in the Essential Ingredient the other day and found these amazing Japanese tea pots. I must go back an get one in a delightful red shade.

    By the way - really, really like your blog header. I have been viewing your recent posts on my iPhone and hadn't noticed it, but it is very stylish! Given your profession, did you do it yourself? I'd love to know what program you used to do it (although it is probably a professional graphic design application!)

    Poppy xox

  2. Hi Poppy,

    Yes I put together the header myself using photoshop, the illustration is from a stock library like istock and I added the earrings and Sleekit bits and bobs.
    I love this tea set too, I'm a bit of a tea Jenny

    Thanks for coming by

    Sleekit x

  3. Gorgeous outfit, I love those tights, and the stripes :) I'm a fan of Kat MacLeod too, and have a print from her I need to put up on the wall. Love the tea set!


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