Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I miss you Dad

Today is my dad's Anniversary, he died six years ago after a battle with Cancer. I miss him so much, my dad was a great man, a man for all seasons people would say, he was a quiet man, he took life in his stride, he loved his family. He was a very smart gent and always wore a shirt and tie, immaculate my mum would say, maybe that is why I can't leave the house without some lippy and take time to work my outfits. I think he looks like Buddy Holly here and my mum, well she just looks like me. He was a great singer and used to sing with his pals shown here, they would harmonize songs at parties and I loved to listen from behind the door when I should have been in bed. So have a wee dram on me, I am thinking of you today and everyday. xx  


  1. Hey there,

    Just discovered your blog & do enjoy it, but was saddened to hear it's the 'anniversary' of your Dad's death today :(

    He sounded like a lovely man and family man :)

    I'm from Ayr by the way - emigrated to Oz 20 years ago when I was 10.

    Will be watching your blog with much interest
    xxx Take care

  2. Thanks for your thoughts and your lovely comments on my blog, I'm having fun with it

    Emigrated when you were 10, did you come willingly or pushing and screaming, big move for a 10 year old! I'm so happy to be here and love living in Melbourne, my family have also moved over one by one so I'm lucky to have them around me

    Please come by again

    Sleekit x


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