Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cool shoes - Sleekit something for the weekend

I have two men in my life, they share many things in common: big brown eyes, long eyelashes, infectious laugh and... a love for shoes. My son already has a mean collection and 'shoe' is up there with one of his first words. Men's shoes can be rather dull in comparison to womens - black, brown or god forbid those awful white ones that blokes wear to the Spring races. No!! This need not be the case, there are so many fabulous shoes out there waiting to be worn.

Shoe 1: Emilio Pucci for Adidas
Shoe 2: Alife NYC (they even have a built in sock)
Shoes3: Adidas (these were a gift from a friend, best pressie ever!)


  1. Thanks Stephanie, I had a look of your blog, lots of interesting things on there, I loved the customed white dress, tres chic!


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