Monday, July 26, 2010

Paper Doll Lingerie - Look.Stop.Shop.

I thought I'd sneak in one more wee post before Lady Sleekit returns, so you better read this one quick!

As part of the The State of Design festival that's been running in Melbourne for the last few weeks, Look.Stop.Shop. is a series of 24 installations in various shop windows around Melbourne's CBD. The installations focus on sustainable design and by far my favourite is by local designer Rebecca Gully.

Rebecca's installation of Paper Doll Lingerie, in the window of Smitten Kitten, is entitled Love Me, Love My Planet and features beautiful pieces made from vintage men's shirts that she has collected from various op shops, in conjunction with sustainable materials such as bamboo, hemp and soy.

Rebecca describes her work as follows:

An installation of garments made from vintage
and re-purposed materials in combination with
innovative sustainable textiles. Inspired by
the make do and mend manifesto of WWII, the
range uses raw material sourced from secondhand
economies of exchange combined with
sustainable textiles to create boutique lingerie
using traditional skills.

Just gorgeous, dontcha think? You can follow Rebecca's musings over here and I think we should start a petition for her to begin producing her Paper Doll line of lingerie again...

Thanks for having me this week at Sleekit, it's been great fun x

Thursday, July 22, 2010

While Sleekit's Away...

Well hello fashionistas! I'm very excited to have the keys to Sleekit while the lady herself is away. Some of you may know me from What's For Tea? and for those of you who don't: Nice to meet you!

Glamming it up by the pool in Thailand
As Lady Sleekit is sunning herself on a beach somewhere I thought it fitting to share with you some fantastic swimwear I recently purchased. In an attempt to escape the Melbourne winter I headed to Thailand last month; the excitement was slightly overshadowed by the need to purchase bathers in winter - bah!
On a friend's recommendation I went to check out the togs at Scally & Trombone on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. It was a truly momentous occasion because it was the first time in my life I have ever tried on swimmers and thought they looked OK, in fact more than OK - and it is thanks to Esther Williams Swimwear. The world's most famous and glamorous mermaid has designed some truly amazing pieces.

I purchased a Classic 1-Piece Sheath and am so happy that I did. It is a halter neck and has gorgeous 40s-style ruching down the front. The best bit about this particular suit is that is that it gives you curves, flattens your tummy and holds you bosoms in the right place! There are loads of fabrics to choose from but it's the inside where the magic happens. The construction of the suit is a work of engineering genius. Everything is sewn into the suit - no little cup inserts floating around - and the stitching is reinforced with extra pieces in all the right places to give you great shape and support. It's like putting on a pair of magic pants - shoving everything into the right corners - but it's still very comfortable.

What lies beneath...
I don't think the website does the product justice, so don't be put off. The suits are made to order so you might need to use your imagination matching styles and fabrics in order to picture your dream version, or perhaps find a stockists near you to try them on in person.
For the Melbourne ladies Scally & Trombone don't have many styles left at the moment but they are expecting a delivery in the next week or two so be quick because this summer's best kept secret has just been blown!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Gone to the beach

I will be taking a little break for a couple of weeks to sun myself in Noosa. There will be a short break in transmissions folks but I will be back soon, until then take care.

Keep an eye out for a guest post from a lovely lady...

love Sleekit x

All the good things you never knew about me

Fabulous blogger Sabine Psynopsis was so kind to tag me with a little challenge: Tell 6 positive things about yourself and post a picture of yourself that you like.

Me and my sis at primary school, that's me on the left. 

1: My creative mind: From a very early age I was always interested in all things arty and creative. I'm lucky enough to get paid for doing what I love. My guidance teacher in high school once told me, "There's no work in graphic design you should stick to secretarial work, there's plenty of jobs". Thankfully I was determined and followed by heart and not the typewriter. 

2: Family and Friends: I'm the youngest of six and very close to all my siblings. We spend lots of time together and now enjoying each other's kids. My son is number 15 in our little flock. I have 1 brother still living in Glasgow but the rest of my family immigrated to Melbourne. My beloved husband and son are the most important people on the planet. I would like to think I'm a good wife and mother, I pinch myself with how lucky I am!
I would like to think I'm a good friend; I take time to be a good friend.

3: My boobs: I have body issues like everyone else but I've always liked my boobs, not too big, not too small but a handful, ha. I am definitely most body confident in my 30's, especially after having my son, I've learned to appreciate my body more. That said they are not quite as perky as they used to be, a year of breast feeding can take them south!

4: My style: I like to experiment with clothes, take risks, have fun, break from the norm. I will dress up for anything, I'm not a casual kinda gal, I feel most comfortable in dresses and heels and always have my lippy on. Sometimes people judge me on my appearance which is a bit sad.

5: I like a challenge: Always up for a challenge, I like to push myself to get the best out of my mind and body. I enjoy the challenge of a creative pitch at work, however I'm hard on myself when I'm not successful. 

6: I'm a do gooder: I like to do nice things for people; write a letter, send a card or pressie. Putting a smile on a friend or loved one makes me smile too : ) 

I would like to pass this challenge onto:
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Sleekit Goes Shopping - Holidays

I have been very reserved in my shopping of late, for 1. I'm trying save and 2. I have no space to put it all! But I really couldn't resist these gorgeous pink heels for $24! I know what a steal! What can I say I have an eye for a bargain and well I will always find space for new shoes. Also purchased this cute little cardie from Jay Jays $29, teamed with my Alexander McQueen trousers. 
I'm also sporting a curly napper, got caught in the rain and believe or not I actually have naturally curly hair. I had a bad home perm (you know when the hairdresser used to come to your hoose n charge you a tenner!) when I was 12 and its been that way ever since. Don't mind it though, wee change and all that.
Now have a weekend of washing and ironing ahead of me in preparation for my trip and trying to decide how many pairs of shoes a girl needs.
Have a great weekend

Sleekit mwah X

Cardie: Jay Jays
Trousers: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Best n less
Scarf: Mimco
Watch: Gift
Bracelets: RG Madden & Witchery

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holiday wardrobe - part 2


And to part 2 of my holiday wardrobe. Short, shorts and an old favorite in the socks and sandles. Who would have thought it would become such a trend! Remember all that time ago when I first put the look to the vote? Did I start a trend? mmmm maybe not, probably that bird Kate Moss, don't she start everything???!!!
I've been shopping today and bought I couple of holiday goodies, will post tomorrow.

Shorts: Witchery
Top: Genki
Sandles: Nine West
Socks: Johnathan Aston
Scarf: Mimco
Brooch: Gift

Trousers: Lush
Top: Sydney market
Shoes: Op Shop
Belt: Bahamonde
Bag: Peter Alexander

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holiday wardrobe - part 1

As promised a couple holiday outfits for my much anticipated and longed for holiday to Noosa in Queensland. This will be our first family holiday since my little bub was born so as you can imagine I'm kinda excited!  It's always a bit daunting to get the summer togs out; will they still fit? Does my ass look big in these? Winter has taken it toll and I've piled on a few kilos but lots of walks on the beach and plenty of seafood should sort me out. I'm not a diet person, I'd rather work my ass off; like my food too much and winter is such a good time for home baking. So back to the clothes, this dress has not been out for a while and will be perfect for dinner out and I had almost forgot about these trousers, my beloved bought them for me from Lush a few years ago, perfect for day. Part 2 to come, stay tuned!

Dress: Sasha Drake
Bracelets: Gift

Trousers: Lush
Top: Cue sample
Scarf worn as belt: Mimco
Sandles: Nine West
Hat: $20 from a pharmacy

Monday, July 12, 2010

kids play

I had a very lazy but lovely weekend with the family. I came across these cute little Animal Hand tattoos to entertain not only me but my little boy too. Designed by Hector Serrano you can pick them up at Seed for $9.95.
I have a big week ahead of outfits as I'm planning a holiday wardrobe for a trip to Noosa, stay tuned!

Friday, July 9, 2010

$7 op shop shoes - part 2

As promised, part 2 of my little $7 op shop bargain shoes post! This time a look for day. I wore these Stella McCartney for Adidas shorts all through summer and with a pair of opaques I'll take them into winter. The scarf is from Luce Handmade, I have a few of her scarfs, beautifully crafted and each one an original; no two are the same.

Have a great weekend, unfortunately I don't have a wish list this week, nothing quite took my fancy but as a little treat marvel at the original lady ga ga, heeeerrrrrrsssss Grace! Enjoy!

Top: Karen Millen
Shorts: Stella McCartney for Adidas
Tights: Leona Edminston
Shoes: Op Shop
Ring: Sportsgirl
Scarf: Luce
Bracelet: Witchery

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

$7 op shop shoes - part 1

I have so many pretty frocks that don't get out much so I thought I would show you one with my newly purchased $7 pucci esq op shop shoes. I bought this frock a few years ago from a sale at Cue. I loved the fabric and the bright yellow lining detail. It's a very classic cut and kinda makes me feel like a lady. The necklace was a pressie from my beloved, it's such a versatile piece it can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or belt. I'm also loving my new bright yellow nail polish from Rimmel, at first I wasn't sure, thought it made me look like I'd been smokin hunners a fags but it's growing on me.
Part 2 to come when I work the shoes for day. 

Dress: Cue
Shoes: Op Shop
Bracelet: Witchery
Ring: Sportsgirl
Necklace: Gifted

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ah the Serenity


This weekend I ventured to the country to see my mum, who lives in a wee country town just outside Melbourne called Bonnie Doon (made famous by the Aussie movie classic 'The Castle' ). I really am a city girl but this place is just so serene (that will be the serenity- catch phrase also made famous by the movie) and so peaceful. The air is clear and the rolling hills go for miles, it reminds me of Scotland and the beauty of the highlands. Kangaroos jump freely across the grounds but they also take to jumping in front of cars as we discovered on the way home, mmm not so good.
As you can see I'm still in my heels but as they say, 'can't take the city out the girl,' however I did buy this hat at a servo on the way up in true bogan fashion.

Coat: Witchery
Leggings: Johnathan Aston
Scarf: Luce
Boots: Op Shop
Hat: BP service station

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sleekit moments - Casual day

Top/Skirt/belt: French Connection
Accessories: Dinosaur Designs
Shoes: Nine West
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