Thursday, July 22, 2010

While Sleekit's Away...

Well hello fashionistas! I'm very excited to have the keys to Sleekit while the lady herself is away. Some of you may know me from What's For Tea? and for those of you who don't: Nice to meet you!

Glamming it up by the pool in Thailand
As Lady Sleekit is sunning herself on a beach somewhere I thought it fitting to share with you some fantastic swimwear I recently purchased. In an attempt to escape the Melbourne winter I headed to Thailand last month; the excitement was slightly overshadowed by the need to purchase bathers in winter - bah!
On a friend's recommendation I went to check out the togs at Scally & Trombone on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. It was a truly momentous occasion because it was the first time in my life I have ever tried on swimmers and thought they looked OK, in fact more than OK - and it is thanks to Esther Williams Swimwear. The world's most famous and glamorous mermaid has designed some truly amazing pieces.

I purchased a Classic 1-Piece Sheath and am so happy that I did. It is a halter neck and has gorgeous 40s-style ruching down the front. The best bit about this particular suit is that is that it gives you curves, flattens your tummy and holds you bosoms in the right place! There are loads of fabrics to choose from but it's the inside where the magic happens. The construction of the suit is a work of engineering genius. Everything is sewn into the suit - no little cup inserts floating around - and the stitching is reinforced with extra pieces in all the right places to give you great shape and support. It's like putting on a pair of magic pants - shoving everything into the right corners - but it's still very comfortable.

What lies beneath...
I don't think the website does the product justice, so don't be put off. The suits are made to order so you might need to use your imagination matching styles and fabrics in order to picture your dream version, or perhaps find a stockists near you to try them on in person.
For the Melbourne ladies Scally & Trombone don't have many styles left at the moment but they are expecting a delivery in the next week or two so be quick because this summer's best kept secret has just been blown!


  1. Why thank you Lady Erica - that was fun!

  2. Hello there! Nice to meet you - happy guesting. Wish it was me on a beach somewhere. So jealous! xx

  3. Well hello!

    And I am chuffed to read about these swimsuits; I have seen them in the S&T window and need to get some bathers (I currently swim in shorts and tee shirt. Shameful.) so it is great to read a review about them :)

  4. Hello ladies!

    Thanks for making me feel so welcome :)

    No more swimming in shorts for you Ms Esme - I am sure you will be very happy in these togs!

  5. What's for Tea, I love these togs and wish I had nabbed a pair before going on my hols, I am looking forward to seeing you, thank so much for your guest posts, fabulous!

    Sleekit x

  6. What's for tea it's a pleasure to meet you - I actually stumbled along this blog after Googling Melbourne stockists for EW swimsuits. I typically get around in boardies & a cute tankini but for my October beach holiday wanted a 50s style one piece. I will head to S&T on Sunday hopefully to try one one.

  7. Delightful blog... enjoying the fashion and style sleekit has to offer, thanks. xx


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