Monday, July 5, 2010

Ah the Serenity


This weekend I ventured to the country to see my mum, who lives in a wee country town just outside Melbourne called Bonnie Doon (made famous by the Aussie movie classic 'The Castle' ). I really am a city girl but this place is just so serene (that will be the serenity- catch phrase also made famous by the movie) and so peaceful. The air is clear and the rolling hills go for miles, it reminds me of Scotland and the beauty of the highlands. Kangaroos jump freely across the grounds but they also take to jumping in front of cars as we discovered on the way home, mmm not so good.
As you can see I'm still in my heels but as they say, 'can't take the city out the girl,' however I did buy this hat at a servo on the way up in true bogan fashion.

Coat: Witchery
Leggings: Johnathan Aston
Scarf: Luce
Boots: Op Shop
Hat: BP service station


  1. Not many people could rock that hat but you are pulling it off Lady Sleekit! x


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