Friday, July 16, 2010

Sleekit Goes Shopping - Holidays

I have been very reserved in my shopping of late, for 1. I'm trying save and 2. I have no space to put it all! But I really couldn't resist these gorgeous pink heels for $24! I know what a steal! What can I say I have an eye for a bargain and well I will always find space for new shoes. Also purchased this cute little cardie from Jay Jays $29, teamed with my Alexander McQueen trousers. 
I'm also sporting a curly napper, got caught in the rain and believe or not I actually have naturally curly hair. I had a bad home perm (you know when the hairdresser used to come to your hoose n charge you a tenner!) when I was 12 and its been that way ever since. Don't mind it though, wee change and all that.
Now have a weekend of washing and ironing ahead of me in preparation for my trip and trying to decide how many pairs of shoes a girl needs.
Have a great weekend

Sleekit mwah X

Cardie: Jay Jays
Trousers: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Best n less
Scarf: Mimco
Watch: Gift
Bracelets: RG Madden & Witchery


  1. Hi there,
    Love the shoes and the dotty cardi. Hope your wee one is isn't being too difficult through the terrible two's! My nephew Robbie is 2, turns 3 in Oct. Generally being ok, but he's got a new wee brother on the way and due to arrive early Sept so not sure how that will affect things (seems keen so far and has given his unborn wee bruv the name of Foggy - hmm...). As a mother, you must have endless patience - tbh I don't know how you do it! xx

  2. Lovely heels, they were a bargain and you have to treat yourself every now and then!! even if there is no space to store it!!
    Rianna xxxx

  3. Gorgeous! Love the heels, and what a bargain! I love that cardigan too, and I'll have to check out jay Jays tomorrow :)


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