Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holiday wardrobe - part 2


And to part 2 of my holiday wardrobe. Short, shorts and an old favorite in the socks and sandles. Who would have thought it would become such a trend! Remember all that time ago when I first put the look to the vote? Did I start a trend? mmmm maybe not, probably that bird Kate Moss, don't she start everything???!!!
I've been shopping today and bought I couple of holiday goodies, will post tomorrow.

Shorts: Witchery
Top: Genki
Sandles: Nine West
Socks: Johnathan Aston
Scarf: Mimco
Brooch: Gift

Trousers: Lush
Top: Sydney market
Shoes: Op Shop
Belt: Bahamonde
Bag: Peter Alexander

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  1. Great summer wardrobe! I adore the sandals in pic #1 and the bag in pic #2! If you find the time, come and have a look - I left a little challenge for you. xo


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