Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holiday wardrobe - part 1

As promised a couple holiday outfits for my much anticipated and longed for holiday to Noosa in Queensland. This will be our first family holiday since my little bub was born so as you can imagine I'm kinda excited!  It's always a bit daunting to get the summer togs out; will they still fit? Does my ass look big in these? Winter has taken it toll and I've piled on a few kilos but lots of walks on the beach and plenty of seafood should sort me out. I'm not a diet person, I'd rather work my ass off; like my food too much and winter is such a good time for home baking. So back to the clothes, this dress has not been out for a while and will be perfect for dinner out and I had almost forgot about these trousers, my beloved bought them for me from Lush a few years ago, perfect for day. Part 2 to come, stay tuned!

Dress: Sasha Drake
Bracelets: Gift

Trousers: Lush
Top: Cue sample
Scarf worn as belt: Mimco
Sandles: Nine West
Hat: $20 from a pharmacy

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  1. Love that maxi! Love those pants, you'll be the classiest lady in Noosa x


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