Monday, July 19, 2010

All the good things you never knew about me

Fabulous blogger Sabine Psynopsis was so kind to tag me with a little challenge: Tell 6 positive things about yourself and post a picture of yourself that you like.

Me and my sis at primary school, that's me on the left. 

1: My creative mind: From a very early age I was always interested in all things arty and creative. I'm lucky enough to get paid for doing what I love. My guidance teacher in high school once told me, "There's no work in graphic design you should stick to secretarial work, there's plenty of jobs". Thankfully I was determined and followed by heart and not the typewriter. 

2: Family and Friends: I'm the youngest of six and very close to all my siblings. We spend lots of time together and now enjoying each other's kids. My son is number 15 in our little flock. I have 1 brother still living in Glasgow but the rest of my family immigrated to Melbourne. My beloved husband and son are the most important people on the planet. I would like to think I'm a good wife and mother, I pinch myself with how lucky I am!
I would like to think I'm a good friend; I take time to be a good friend.

3: My boobs: I have body issues like everyone else but I've always liked my boobs, not too big, not too small but a handful, ha. I am definitely most body confident in my 30's, especially after having my son, I've learned to appreciate my body more. That said they are not quite as perky as they used to be, a year of breast feeding can take them south!

4: My style: I like to experiment with clothes, take risks, have fun, break from the norm. I will dress up for anything, I'm not a casual kinda gal, I feel most comfortable in dresses and heels and always have my lippy on. Sometimes people judge me on my appearance which is a bit sad.

5: I like a challenge: Always up for a challenge, I like to push myself to get the best out of my mind and body. I enjoy the challenge of a creative pitch at work, however I'm hard on myself when I'm not successful. 

6: I'm a do gooder: I like to do nice things for people; write a letter, send a card or pressie. Putting a smile on a friend or loved one makes me smile too : ) 

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  1. Great to learn more about you :)
    You're an inspiration in the way that you live your life - you're always so cheery, positive & genuine - 'gaun yer sel' sister! x

  2. Thanks Anonymous that's very kind of you to say so : )

    Sleekit x

  3. Cool! It's nice to learn a bit more about you :)

    And I'll have a think, it's a hard challenge!

  4. That's a really nice post, and thank you for tagging me! I too will have a think, it is a tough challenge :)

  5. I IMMEDIATELY recognised you on the picture - your cheeky grin... So lovely! Great points - and YES, good that you did not follow the advice of your teacher without vision.

  6. You're all that more Lady Sleekit! I'm blessed to have you for a friend.

    Thanks for tagging me in this challenge x


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