Monday, July 26, 2010

Paper Doll Lingerie - Look.Stop.Shop.

I thought I'd sneak in one more wee post before Lady Sleekit returns, so you better read this one quick!

As part of the The State of Design festival that's been running in Melbourne for the last few weeks, Look.Stop.Shop. is a series of 24 installations in various shop windows around Melbourne's CBD. The installations focus on sustainable design and by far my favourite is by local designer Rebecca Gully.

Rebecca's installation of Paper Doll Lingerie, in the window of Smitten Kitten, is entitled Love Me, Love My Planet and features beautiful pieces made from vintage men's shirts that she has collected from various op shops, in conjunction with sustainable materials such as bamboo, hemp and soy.

Rebecca describes her work as follows:

An installation of garments made from vintage
and re-purposed materials in combination with
innovative sustainable textiles. Inspired by
the make do and mend manifesto of WWII, the
range uses raw material sourced from secondhand
economies of exchange combined with
sustainable textiles to create boutique lingerie
using traditional skills.

Just gorgeous, dontcha think? You can follow Rebecca's musings over here and I think we should start a petition for her to begin producing her Paper Doll line of lingerie again...

Thanks for having me this week at Sleekit, it's been great fun x


  1. This underwear is indeed smoking Ms Betty!

  2. Oooh, very cute. Have a great break. xx

  3. What's for tea you are a legend, loved your posts you should do again soon

    Sleekit x

  4. Anytime Lady Sleekit it was most fun!


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