Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day outfit

My gorgeous boys on Christmas day, special times x
And so, Christmas is over for another year, was Santa good? (I got so many fabulous gifts but that's another post). I always like to get dressed up on Christmas day, as much as I admire the aussie shorts and tshirt down the beach combo, my roots take me back to childhood when we would get dressed up in our Sunday bests for that one day in December.

This year I decided to make the most of the sales and birthday money and treated myself to a head-to-toe outfit. First pick was this stunning necklace by Drown, I have lusted after this piece for so long and when I came into some spare cash on my birthday, what better way to spend it than with something I LOVE. The Drown range is hand crafted by fellow blogger Alicia from Sea of Ghosts whom I admire immensely, for her style, creativity and progressive outlook toward fashion and graphics - her blog is a daily read for me. 

I worked the rest of the outfit around the statement necklace and with my hair in hair limbo (growing it), I worked up a wee bit of a quiff with a french plait down the back. The family approved and I have to say this is the coolest outfit I have donned for a while, hope you like it!....enjoy the rest of the festive season and get into the leftovers, I know I will.

Love Sleekit x

top: Country Road
trousers: Fleur Wood
necklace: Drown
shoes: Nine West
bangle: Kinki Gerlinki


  1. Happy Christmas doll! Hope you had a good one - you look amazing x

  2. Great outfit! Loving the necklace + pants + orange shoes + red lips. Colour looks great on you. Hope you had a great Xmas!

  3. Awesome!
    You're never afraid to set some trends of your own & we love you for it.
    You're an inspiration to inspire lots of colourful dressing. x
    Happy New Year

  4. Madame G - Always a pleasure :)

    Vanja Stace - cheers ;)

    Anonymous - thanks for saying so, have a great New Year

    sleekit x


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