Friday, November 15, 2013

Pretty new top

These days I rarely go into an actually shop and buy a new item of clothing, unless it's an op shop (I really need to do a post on my recent op shop purchases, many bargains had) 1. I now have no time more than ever to shop (shopping with a new born is both challenging and non productive!) 2. The lure of online shopping is both convenient and cost effective. However, the other day I went on a wee shopping spree armed with a voucher that had been burning a hole in my pocket. I bought this pretty top from Seed, it was $110! I know, normally I could get a whole outfit for that with money to spare but it is very pretty and will go with just about anything. Sometimes it also nice to shop the old school way even if I may break the bank! 


  1. Cute top - I like the way you've styled it.

    BTW, I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Leibster Award. You can find out about it here:

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