Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Introducing my wee bairn Bea

The house of Sleekit has turned very pink, let me introduce you to my little bundle of goodness Bea Lilly, born on 11 Sept. 
Quickly approaching 3 weeks in and we are so much in love with this gorgeous girl. She mostly sleeps and feeds with the occasional smile that melts your heart, it's such a precious time. 
Bea was born by C-section therefore I'm still in recovery, hopefully should be back fighting fit in another 3 weeks. Very hard to slow down when you want to get back out there and share your new addition with the world! Until then I'll share her with you x


  1. SO gorgeous and the best, best name. It was totally the name we had picked out. So happy for you! <3

    1. Aw thanks, it was my beloved who first came up with Bea and I added the Lilly, we went through different spellings but settled with Bea x

  2. O h my gosh, congratulations, what an absolutely sweet pea xxx

  3. Ha, just as stylish as her mum! Congrats!!

  4. You should see her wardrobe already! x


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