Monday, October 7, 2013

Just celebrating getting out the door

 Trousers: recent op shop purchase (Italian samples)
 Melissa Peace Wedges: present from my beloved
earrings: Limedrop

ring : Limedrop wooden bangles: Gifted

It's Tuesday and today I've actually managed to run a brush through my hair and put on an outfit. It's a beautiful Spring day here is Melbourne, no better time to embrace colour. 
I'm still very much nursing a wound and a new born and with that comes a change in wardrobe. My plethora of dresses are no longer practical as I breast feed my little one and yes I still have a bump (sorry to break it to you but like the celebrity culture who endorse it, your bump does not magically disappear and your rocking about in evening gown at the first sniff of an engagement). In the real world, it will be several months before my figure snaps back into shape and I'm absolutely ok with that. I came across these silk trousers from my local op shop, brand new for the bargain price of $15 and the top I've had for forever.
I do not have a personal trainer but I will get back to fitness in my own time. 
Until then, I'm just celebrating getting out the door and enjoying the sunshine with my little bundle.

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  1. That lovely top looks like Gustav Klimt. You look as stylish as ever.


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