Monday, November 1, 2010

Melbourne Cup - Facinating

Not only is tomorrow a public holiday here in Melbourne but may be quite possibly the most dressed up you will ever see folks around these parts. Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day, the 'horse race that stops the nation'. My first experience of this day in November was on holiday in Queensland when I first immigrated over to Australia. To my absolute delight but bewilderment, people everywhere in frocks, dressed up to the nines with little fascinators and flowers in their hair. At first I thought they must all be going to a MASSIVE wedding but later discovered that it was indeed Melbourne Cup day. I like to dress up regardless of occasion; I will dress for work, to go to the shops for a pint a milk, it has always been my thing so I embrace the Melbourne Cup because it's the only day of the year that I don't get asked, "Are you going somewhere special", "Why so dressed up, what's the occasion"!!

Enjoy the day off folks and hope you back a winner!

Sleekit x

Fascinator: Lady Jayne
Dress: Cue:
Bow tie thingy: Urban Outfitters
Heart earrings: Sportsgirl
Top underneath dress: Karen Millen

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