Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The return of the orange patent heels - Signature looks

It's been a while since I worked the orange patent heels on the blog but I'm going through a love affair with orange at the mo. Do you have a few signature pieces in your wardrobe that are uniquely you? For me, it would have to be: orange shoes, doctors bag, statement accessories and tights; I couldn't live without these trusty faithfuls in my closet. Finding your own style can be tricky, I don't care to look like everyone else on the street and generally go for provocative pieces. Confidence with your own style is paramount, if your confident, you can pull anything off. Break rules, provoke, find your signature look but most of all have fun with it!

top: Kinki Gerlinki
necklace: Frank ideas
shoes: Nine West
doctors bag: Topshop
tights: Sportsgirl
pencil skirt: ASOS
bangles: Eclectic Trading
jacket: Vivienne Westwood
shades: Sportsgirl


  1. Love this outfit, you look gorgeous. I have been on quite the orange kick lately, too. Funny!

  2. Gorgeous! I love black and white outfit combos and the pop of orange is just fabulous. Gorgeous shoes!

  3. Hannah - orange makes me smile :)
    Esme and the laneway - the stripe tee I also couldn't live without
    Teresa - thank you for your kind words x

    Sleekit x

  4. Really like these sets of photos - you look so natural, so at ease, happy, confident :)

  5. Different bloggers i follow have different style skills, all of which impress me in their own way. I reckon your style gift is managing to combine classic and modern in such a way that you seem to looks fresh and edgy as the same time as you look classy and elegant. That is not always easy, many get it wrong.

  6. Anon - thank you, I am trying to make my pics look more natural, having a friend at the other end of the camera helps!

    Janeice - your comment made my day! Thank you : )


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