Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year outfit

 Love when your beverage matches yer outfit

My mum doing Gangnam Style, my brother looks well on his way in the background, pppsss
Well here we are, 2013, can you believe it? Happy New Year to you all! As mentioned in my previous post, I spent Hogmanay with my family, true to form there was dancin, shortbread and Auld Lang Syne; so much fun. Of course, I went completely over the top with my outfit, well twas New Year!
I picked up this neon net overlay on sale from Cue, over an old Kookai dress, voila, brand new outfit. Also, bought some new heated rollers and gave myself a new do, the family approved.
2013, will bring lots of change in my world. In Feb, we will be moving house to be closer to this lot, it's time for me to settle down, be a grown up and find my roots; I'm excited! Will my fashion change when I move to the burbs, only time will tell.

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  1. Wonderful all of you.
    happy new year to you and your love ones.
    great dress, and loving your mum´s earrings.


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