Thursday, January 17, 2013

The joy of fitting into a pair a trousers you bought when you were 20!

 trousers: Diesel
top: Country Road
cloud necklace: Gift
Long necklace: off 5th Ave, New York
shoes: Top Shop, New York
Bag: Muji
ring: another gift from my beloved
gold band: Tiffany (another gift from my beloved)
yes, I do well!

These Diesel trousers have been in my wardrobe for 18 years! I used to wear them clubbing with a crop top and a pair of high heels; yes I am retro! It's fair to say, I've not managed to get these past my ass until now so I'm feeling pretty chuffed, especially given christmas and all its goodness was not that long ago. 
Do you like my wee cloud necklace? A Christmas pressie from my beloved which makes me smile every time a wear it, soo cute! The long necklace I bought for $5, from a stall off 5th Ave in New York last year; just getting round to wearing it but then again it could have been 18 years, with me you just never know!


  1. Super impressed you're wearing 20yr old trousers! I had very similar back in the day too

    1. I'm not very good at throwing things away, hence the reason my wardrobe is overflowing!


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