Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sleekit on the move

Apologies my dear readers, I'm in the midst of moving, hence my lack of posts and updates. Surrounded by a sea of boxes and masking tape I find myself little or no time to do anything else other than pack. 
It's the end of an era, living in our Art Deco apartment where Sleekit was born and has been brought to you for the last 4 and a bit years. Many of my photo's have been taken from within my four walls, the sofa being the most frequented. I've delved into the archive to show you a few of my favorites.
It's exciting to be moving and building a new home with my family and there will be so many fabulous spaces to explore and bring you the next chapter, see you on the other side...
Sleekit x


  1. So excited to see your new place, good luck with the move!!
    Last time we moved I was in my first trimester = so nauseas the whole time. Blerg.

    Sorry I didn't make it to your garage sale, we went to the Vic Market in the AM then I had a baby shower!!


  2. Good luck with the move, and get back to us soon.


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