Monday, December 7, 2009

Wedding Outfit of the Year

This weekend I went to a wedding at The Prince deck, Circa in St Kilda, such a stylish venue. I am always honoured to be invited to folks weddings and when it's one of your friends, even more special. The journey of this outfit began some time ago (Sorrento shopping trip) when I spotted this dress in a boutique in Sorrento. Loving the shape, fabric, colours and overall beauty of the LBD it was hard to walk away. Having already filled my boots on other goodies that day it was a bit of an extravagant spend so I did what all shopaholics do, I put it on lay by. Teamed with newly purchased black heels and minimalist accessories (Kinki Gerlinki braclet) it became a special outfit for what was a truly special occasion.


  1. Hi, pleased to meet you

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  2. pleased to meet you too Hence72, thanks for your comment

    What's for Tea, cheers doll

    sleekit x


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