Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday bargain - Pink patent leather shoes

Let me introduce you to my bargain of the week - pink patent leather shoes on sale at Nine West for $34.30! (reduced from $149). If you follow my blog, you will be aware of the orange shoes that I own in the same style, they have become my signature shoes and when I wear them I get all kinds of reactions (all very positive). Oh I love a guid bargain! You blagged yourself anything spec lately?? Do tell...


  1. Yay, score! Love a bargain to boot :)

    Hm, my recent bargainous purchases of joy include my mustard blouse, and a rusty brown turban.

  2. Esme and the lane way - nice colour combo, with the recent weather change it's time for hats and warm accessories, like the sound of the turban

    Sleekit x

  3. Every time I see orange shoes I think of you! These pink ones are such a great bargain well done!! x


    I've got a huge thing for fluro pink at the mo mo... my new office chair is being painted fluro pink :) :) :)

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