Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sleekit sits front row at LMFF Paris Runway 1

Romance Was Born
sass and bide
 I have a pair of these trousers from the 90s
Last night I was lucky to score a front row (cheers Eleisha!) seat at L'oreal's Paris Runway 1 Catwalk show featuring two labels that I aspired to  - Romance Was Born and sass and bide. I was sitting on the very first seat as the models come out, it's at time likes these when you wish you had a better camera or a better knowledge of photography (apologies for the slightly fuzzy pics) but hopefully it will give you a taste of the night. 
A stand out for me was the Romance Was Born collection, bright floral mix match prints and colours, loved the tasseled ankle boots. The models wore the bright blue tights I bought recently, check out this post.
Sass and Bide, as consistent as ever, showcased a collection of digital prints and metallic accessories of corset belts and embellishments, I could easily wear the whole collection.
The dud of the night for me was the Leona Edmiston collection, dull, boring and totally uninspired. Sorry.
The music for the night was a wee bit predictable, sure they played a classic Portishead track from years ago but surely there is more current experimental music out there perfect for this forum. How many times do we need to hear David Bowie or Radiohead?? After the show we had a drink at the festival bar, again with the crap music - think outside the box people not everyone wants to listen to Pete Tong circa 1990, winge over.   
I wore my recently purchased bargain Konstantina Mittas dress, teamed with Wittner shoes and Mimco bag. When I got home I realised that my dress had opened at the back revealing my underwear for all to see, classy but that aside it was a fun night, thanks lady Mel for being my chaperon.


Presented by GRAZIA
TUESDAY MARCH 15, 6.30pm

Carla Zampatti

Leona Edmiston

Nina Maya

Rachel Gilbert

Romance Was Born

sass & bide


  1. Fantastic photos!!! Wish I had organized to go to at least one show :( I'm sick and on night duty though so it's not really going to happen.

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  3. Wuhuu, it's just something to be enwrapped in a nice fashion show, no? Even if the music is not perfect and dresses unravel. Sounds like you had a great time, Sleekit!


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