Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Rockin Cutout Lace-Up Wedge

Up until now, I have totally avoided the boot wedge trend, 2 reasons: 1. I have small pins and couldn't possibly pull them off without looking reminiscent of a Mrs Buzz Lightyear  2. The silhouette can sometimes look like some folks have left the house with a brick stuck to their foot! BUT then I saw these amazing shapely, architectural amazingballs (my word of the week, have no idea how it got into my psyche but for the purpose of describing these shoes it is fitting) By Jeffrey Campbell for ASOS.
How comfortable would they would be to wear? Would I have to walk around at Geisha pace? Concerns aside, I would quite happily position them on my side board and admire them for the true genius that they are. Covet.


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