Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sleekit at MSFW in Holly Fulton

Me in my new Holly Fulton dress
With Fashion Hayley and her sister 
The ladies
With Fashion Hayley , her sis & Lady Melbourne
Last night I had the pleasure of attending Show 4 Senso Uniquo as part of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW). With my ladies in tow, we sampled a few complimentary drinks in the cocktail lounge prior to the event and was delighted to bump into a few of my favourite bloggers.  People whom I have admired and followed from the very beginning of my own blog. Just great to meet like minded and lovely people who enjoy and share a passion.
Holly Fulton is a Scottish designer whom I admire immensely, you may have seen this post. When I discovered that she had collaborated with ASOS, I just had to have a taste. I ordered this dress on Saturday morning and it arrived on Tuesday morning, now that's service! I teamed it with my Mimco box and accessories from Sportsgirl and Diva. Twas a fun night, will bring you some of the catwalk later.


  1. Looking great, was awesome to see you again. So embarrassed I got confused between the two LBB peeps, haha. You blogged so fast, I'm so behind on my MSFW posts. xxx


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