Monday, February 20, 2012

Mini Cape Challenge 1

 mmm will it rain today?

 Last week I set myself a challenge: How many outfits can I muster wearing my little red riding hood mini cape. Got me thinking, maybe I could wear it different ways, around the waist perhaps? Worn like this, you can use the hood as a pocket, nifty! I reckon this outfit is fun, do you like my new jumper from Target, cute huh, only $39.
These shots were taken using my new D10 Canon camera, still getting used to it but love the close up shots, well maybe a wee bit too close on my face! Waah, wrinkles!

jumper: Target
trousers: Cue samples
mini cape: Wet and Wendy
hair clasp: Swarovski
wedges: bought on Bleeker St, New York
shades: Gucci


  1. I have been following your posts about your little Wet and Wendy caplet with great interest, I really love it, but wondering if I would get enough opportunities to wear it myself. But the different ways you have worn it - even round the waist - look good, so I think the caplet is the next item on my shopping list :)
    Gems x

  2. Australian Fashion Review Blog - Thanks, I have some more looks to show you later in the week, stay tuned!

    Sleekit x

  3. I love this, it's creative and different.

    You don't have wrinkles!!!



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