Friday, August 24, 2012

A sneak peek into chez Sleekit

Colour matching with my new Country Road pillow 

As mentioned in my previous post, proceedings are in place for the sale of our much loved Art Deco apartment, reluctantly we will leave but it's time to grow up and get a house. For the last few days, I've been up to my eyes in cleaning products and de-cluttering as we prepare to open house for viewing. The irony is, this is the best our apartment has every looked! So here's a sneak peek into the world of chez Sleekit, a beloved little home that I will miss but looking forward to a new chapter, wherever it may take us... 


  1. Such a beautiful place! Love your sunnies too.


  2. Wow what a really really cute apartment, so colourful. I especially love your son's bedroom x

  3. Michelle Style File - Thank you!

    Fashion Hayley - My son loves his room too :)

    Sleekit x


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