Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Militarian and skinny trousers

Do you have a pair of trousers that you love but they sit at the good end (skinny end) of your wardrobe? I do, these trousers are size 8/10, finally I have shrunk my derriere into them; it's a damn good feeling! A new fitness regime of running and toning seems to be doing the trick. Hopefully I can maintain it, hard bloody work but oh so rewarding!

coat: ASOS
shoes: bought in Queensland
trousers: Cue 
t-shirt: Jay Jays
belt: Sportsgirl
shades: Rare Rabbit
earrings: Sportsgirl


  1. You look soooooooooooo stylish, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.Love, love, love your look.

  2. I love this outfit babe!!! coat and shoes are to die for!! xxx


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